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NFP Fishing Team / Pro Team Sponsorship Program

North Florida Plastics is a proud supporter of high school, collegiate and professional fishing programs. The list below describes all of our official sponsorship programs that have been designed to help club and tournament anglers be as effective as possible in the field while promoting the NFP brand. Please have your group review the various sponsorship opportunities, before submitting an application. We hope your club/team is interested in becoming part of the rapidly growing list of those affiliated with North Florida Plastics


Any high school or college fishing club/team that is recognized by the school’s administration and has a designated advisor, coach or adult supervisor is eligible to register for participation in the North Florida Plastics School Fishing Program. A club/team must consist of at least six individuals to qualify for this program. To apply, please complete and submit the registration form. Upon approval, North Florida Plastics Fishing Team ID number (ID #) will be assigned to your club/team for use on all order forms for your group. Your group will retain “active” status as long as club/team rosters are updated and maintained annually. If you have any additional questions about our program, please email our support team at support@northfloridaplastics.com


This program is open to eligible High School and Collegiate fishing programs that have been approved for our NFP fishing sponsorship program. There are 3 different levels of sponsorship that vary based on team size. Each tier has different benefits and discounts available.

*Anglers that are members of high school/collegiate clubs with less than 5 members are also invited to apply on an individual basis.


The NFP pro team application is listed below. Anglers who are participants in more than 15 tournaments in one or more states per calendar year are eligible to apply. 

To request an application form for your team please submit a request on our contact form.


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