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4 Inch Paddle (Pack of 4)

4 Inch Paddle (Pack of 4)

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Early May 2024
4in / 101mm
0.6oz / 17g

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of big beefy swim baits with our 4 Inch Paddle, an integral member of the exclusive Paddle series meticulously designed for unparalleled success. Crafted from the ground up to embody every essential feature sought in a swim bait, this larger version of the 3 Inch Paddle provides a heavier bait, wider tail swing, and a more aggressive swimming action. Rig weedless with your favorite wide gap hook sitting in the top hook slot or use your favorite jig head. Works best with medium to fast retrieval speeds. Perfect for use as a search bait and for covering lots of water effectively.

Do not store with other plastics. It is best practice to store this plastic in its original packaging.

If you're using jig heads, it is best to use jig heads with wire-type bait keepers. Screw lock bait keepers are difficult to use with this plastic. 

Key Features:

  1. Heavier and More Aggressive: The 4 Inch Paddle boasts a larger body profile for increased weight, wider tail swing, and a powerful swimming action, making it irresistible to predatory fish.

  2. Groundbreaking Material: Custom-designed from head to tail, this swim bait is crafted from 9 Lives Plastic, a revolutionary material that seamlessly combines buoyancy, durability, stretchiness, and longevity. It stands miles apart from other lures in its class.

  3. Realistic Action: The super soft plastic of the 4 Inch Paddle mimics the lifelike movements of natural prey with unmatched precision, triggering predatory instincts and enticing strikes.

  4. Extended Lifespan: Say farewell to frequent bait changes. The 9 Lives Plastic ensures an extraordinary durability, lasting up to 9 times longer than traditional plastic lures. Enjoy using the same bait bite after bite.

  5. Tail-Stealing Prevention: The prolonged lifespan of the 9 Lives plastic not only defies wear and tear but also reduces the chances of tail-stealing short strikes, particularly from toothy saltwater fish.


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