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8 Inch Paddle - 9 Lives Plastic

8 Inch Paddle - 9 Lives Plastic

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8in / 203mm 
4.2oz / 120gm

The 8 inch paddle is can only be described as larger than life. Eight inches long and weighing in over 4.2 ounces each (3 times the size of the competition) this monstrosity is only for the boldest of anglers chasing the largest fish. Cast, jig or troll up to 7mph, perfect for large predatory fish in fresh and salt water.

Do not store with other plastics. It is best practice to store this plastic in its original packaging. 

If you're using jig heads other than the JLW paddle head, it is best to use jig heads with barb-type or chin lock. Screw lock bait keepers are difficult to use with this plastic and lead style locks will not hold the bait reliably.



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