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Jonah Lureworks

Limited Edition Dart Frog Prism 84g

Limited Edition Dart Frog Prism 84g

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The Prism from the Artist Series, 84g / 3oz featuring a patent-pending design, showcases an array of color designs and patterns meticulously crafted by local artists. Each unique pattern is individually hand-drawn, exclusively tailored for the Prism, ensuring a one-of-a-kind artistic touch.

  • soft body exterior
  • Perfectly scented plastic
  • oversized eye attracts bites in the middle of the bait
  • finesse style fall and slower flutter speed stays in the strike zone longer and makes jigging easier even for beginners!
  • 200lb through wire construction
  • oversized attach points for more free hook movement
  • heavy duty split rings
  • twin 5x strong bkk 2/0 assist hooks
  • wire core bite resistant assist cord
  • glow colors available
  • interior weight can still be used as a standard jig if plastic body becomes damaged

Derived from the vibrant palette of one of nature's most colorful inhabitants the Dart Frog Series is a visual spectacle. Embracing the intense and vivid colors, including bright reds, oranges, yellows, blues, and greens, the series cleverly contrasts them with deep black patterns inspired by the lush rainforest environment. To enhance its allure, a metallic flash accompanies each bright color, ensuring that every jig flip becomes an enticing lure for your favorite predatory fish. Immerse yourself in the stunning mimicry of the Dart Frog Series and elevate your angling experience.

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