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Jonah Lureworks

Soft Prism Jig 84g

Soft Prism Jig 84g

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Introducing the Patent Pending Prism Jig –  the biggest advancement to jigging since slow pitch. Whether you're a pro or a beginner, the Prism makes slow jigging easier for everyone! (glow colors are marked with "Glo" in the name)

  • 9 Lives extreme durability soft body exterior
  • Perfectly scented plastic
  • oversized eye attracts bites in the middle of the bait
  • finesse style fall and slower flutter speed stays in the strike zone longer and makes jigging easier even for beginners!
  • OVERKILL through wire construction
  • oversized attach points for more free hook movement
  • heavy duty split rings
  • twin 5x strong bkk 2/0 assist hooks
  • wire core bite resistant assist cord
  • glow colors available
  • interior weight can still be used as a standard jig if plastic body becomes damaged


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