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Soft Prism Jig 84g

Soft Prism Jig 84g

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Est. Availability May 2024

Introducing the Prism Jig –  The first and only patent pending finesse jig. 

  • soft body exterior
  • Perfectly scented plastic
  • oversized eye attracts bites in the middle of the bait
  • finesse style fall and slower flutter speed stays in the strike zone longer and makes jigging easier even for beginners!
  • 200lb through wire construction
  • oversized attach points for more free hook movement
  • heavy duty split rings
  • twin 5x strong bkk 2/0 assist hooks
  • wire core bite resistant assist cord
  • glow colors available
  • interior weight can still be used as a standard jig if plastic body becomes damaged

Traditional metal jigs often fall short as a fish detects the inorganic surface, leading to swift rejection. The Prism Jig's durable plastic exterior mirrors the tactile qualities of live bait, enticing fish to maintain contact for extended periods. This innovative feature not only ensures a heightened strike-to-hook ratio but also cultivates multiple opportunities with the same fish.
Complementing this cutting-edge 84g / 3oz design are twin 2/0 BKK 5x strong assist hooks, renowned for their strength and sticky sharpness. Our robust 200lb full through wire construction adds strength and durability to the build. The result is a jig that not only entices but secures, empowering you to confidently pursue even the most formidable marine species.
The Prism Jig distinguishes itself through its durability. While conventional lures retire upon plastic damage, our design offers an extended lifespan. Simply peel away the compromised plastic, revealing a fully functional slow pitch jig, effectively doubling the life of your lure.
The finesse style fall of the Prism entices more bites, the soft body keeps fish coming back for more and the sticky sharp hooks with bite resistant cord help make sure that you can bring nearly any fish up from the depths. 
Seize every opportunity, and embark on a new standard of success with the Prism Jig – a testament to precision engineering and strategic design. Secure your order today and embrace a heightened level of professionalism in your pursuit of angling excellence. 🎣

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